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Small dog blamed for mail stoppage

DES MOINES, IA (CNN) - Rain, snow, sleet and hail may not be able to stop the U.S. mail, but in Iowa, a small dog is keeping the mailman away.

Marguerite Bates said she hasn't seen any mail in about a week, and said it's all because of a dog barking in a window six doors down.

"One of our carriers out of the South Des Moines station had been bitten or attacked by the dog a couple years ago and recently, I think last week, and now its caused held deliveries for a half-dozen customers," said USPS spokesman Richard Watkins.

When the carrier was bitten two years ago, the post office sent a letter asking neighbors to move their mailboxes to the curb, and many did.

Bates decided not to because of her age and hasn't had a problem getting mail until now. Bates and several of her neighbors have to drive to the post office to get their mail.

"It's been very frustrating," she said.

Another neighbor said she has also been bitten by the dog, and the carrier has reason to be concerned.

Watkins said it's up to the neighbors to create a safe environment for their carriers to work in.

"What it really boils down to is specific neighborhoods where there is a dog issue," Watkins said.

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