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Teen arrested for zapping 737 with laser

LOS ANGELES (NBC) - A 14-year-old boy was arrested after he allegedly pointed a powerful laser from his backyard at a Boeing 737 jet on final approach to Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday.

The Boeing pilots were able to pinpoint where the laser came from and police responded with their helicopter.

The boy continued to point the laser at the police chopper from his South Los Angeles home.

Police narrowed their search and nabbed the teen in his backyard, still in possession of the laser.

The FAA reported last month that more than 100 incidents occurred at Los Angeles International Airport last year in which the safety of planes was put at risk by people pointing at them with lasers.

Overall, the number of incidents nationally in which people pointed lasers at planes and helicopters nearly doubled last year, from 1,527 incidents in 2009 to 2,836 incidents in 2010, the FAA said.

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