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Girl, 9, held prisoner in grandparents' home for years

DAYTON, OH (NBC) - An Ohio couple was behind bars Tuesday, accused of keeping their 9-year-old granddaughter locked in a bathroom every day for two years.

Police said the girl was only allowed out to attend school.

Rivae and Brian Hart face child endangering and kidnapping charges.

Officials called it an outrageous case of abuse and said it may have continued to go undetected had the girl not sought the help of a school nurse.

Sgt. Larry Tolpin of the Dayton Police Department said the girl and her younger brother stayed at the home with their grandparents, Rivae Hart, 49, and Brian Hart, 50, as well as the couple's two biological children.

Tolpin said it was only the girl who was locked up.

According to police reports, the couple would barricade the door with a large dresser to make sure she couldn't break free.

Police were tipped off after the girl went to a school nurse at Orville Wright Elementary, where she is a student.

The girl is said to have told the nurse she gets locked in the bathroom every day after school and isn't allowed out until the next day and must eat her dinner in the bathroom.

She said she sleeps on a beach towel on the floor.

Officials said all four children are now in foster homes. They said, considering the circumstances, all of them are doing well.

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