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Kriner Cash responds to question about his vacation timing

Dr. Kriner Cash Dr. Kriner Cash

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - With Memphis City Schools in upheaval, it may seem like an odd time for the superintendent to take a week-long vacation. Yet, that is exactly Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash did.

He took his vacation last week, as the fate of Memphis City Schools was fought over from within the state capitol to city hall last week.

Action News 5's Lori Brown asked the superintendent about his vacation.

"A lot of people think last week was a bad time for a vacation," she asked.

"Always a good time here," the Superintendent said while continuing to walk into the board work session.

When asked if he is going to stay with the district, he said he hopes so.

The superintendent's contract states he receives 10 vacation days and six personal days a year.

Vacation can be taken with a minimum of two days written notice to the board.

While some individual school board members said they did not receive notice, School Board President Freda Williams said she did receive the required notice of his vacation.

School Board Member Martavius Jones said he has no problem with the Superintendent's vacation at this time.

"With a job as stressful as the Superintendent's job may be, you can't necessarily accurately pinpoint, or provide for a lot of notice when you're going to take a vacation," Jones said.

When asked if he thought the superintendent may be job hunting, Jones said Dr. Cash is still under contract for another year with MCS.

Dr. Cash didn't say much at Monday night's board work session.

But as MCS Attorney Dorsey Hopson talked about the possibility of MCS dissolving as early as June next year, the superintendent did speak up.

He asked if since the issue is so complicated couldn't it take a lot longer.

Hopson said, yes, it is possible the court battle could go on for as many as eight years.

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