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Neighbor helps save infant in apartment fire

OAK GROVE, OR (CNN) - An Oregon family is devastated after two of their children died in an apartment fire Saturday.

However, because of the mother and a neighbor's quick actions, a third child, a baby, survived.

"I just looked up to my right and there was a baby hanging and...tunnel vision...I need to catch that baby," said Jeff Bryant a neighbor.

Bryant said if he hadn't been called into work early, he never would have seen the fire at his neighbor's apartment. Bryant saw the mother holding the baby out the window and jumped into action to assist her.

"I immediately dropped what I had in my hands, ran over beneath her and was like 'hey drop your baby to me' and she shouted out 'are you sure you're gonna catch him?' and I said 'of course I'll catch him." At that point she dropped him, I caught him, wrapped him up in my jacket and we went away from the burning building," Bryant said.

Bryant said at first he wondered whether he really could catch the falling child dropped from the second-story window, but he didn't have time to hesitate.

"You know, it's kind of like the strength of the mother lifting the car off her baby," Bryant said. "At that point, they're light as a feather because you know what needs to be done."

The child's mother eventually jumped to the concrete parking lot too. Her two other young children, brothers, died in the fire.

"It's hard for people to lose a child," said another neighbor. "We know what it feels like."

But one infant survived. Rescued by a father who has two young kids of his own.

"Again, I was just imagining him being my own son and yeah, somebody else would do the same thing," Bryant said.

The rescued baby and his mother suffered serious injuries in the fire and are currently in the hospital.

Meanwhile, investigators are trying to determine how the fire started.

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