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Bar advertises hookah, lingerie to underage girls

DENVER (CNN) - Colorado parents are angry that a hookah bar is advertising to underage girls.

Puff, the bar and lounge of concern, plans to hold a lingerie night for girls ages 16 and over. Admission is free if they dress up.  

Crissy, a concerned mom, thinks the idea is an outrage.

"[It's] the fact that they are trying to draw these kids who are 16-, 17-years-old," she said. "I mean 18 is bad enough, but they're not even old enough to buy tobacco products."

Under Colorado state law, someone must be 18 years old to use any type of tobacco product. Hookah is a kind of tobacco.

Crissy said her daughters won't be allowed to attend Puff's clothing-optional night.

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