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Hot dog! Newlyweds head to reception in style

DALLAS (FOX) - Newly-married couples often ride from the wedding ceremony in style, sometimes in fancy cars or carriages.

When Jacqueline and George O'Reilly married in Dallas over the weekend, they got a sweet ride to their reception - the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.

The couple received the special honor because the bride worked for the company as a "hot dogger," driving the wiener mobile across the country several years ago.

"It was just one of the best jobs in the world and I met some really great friends when I was on the road and George has never seen or driven in the Weiner-Mobile before so we thought that it would just top off our special day," Jacqueline, the new bride, said.

The ride is a tradition that all former "hot doggers" receive on their wedding day.

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