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Couple loses expensive wedding ring, looks to public for help

NAPLES, FL (NBC) - Silvio Balaban spent two months of his salary and then some on the ring of a lifetime for his bride-to-be, Julie Burroughs, but on Valentines the ring went missing.

"I proposed to her in front of the whole bar and everybody that was in there, and everybody was happy for us," he said.

This weekend, Julie lost her diamond engagement at work.

She said she was at the cash register at Charming Charlie's in Naples, FLwhen the ring, which was loose on her finger, may have slipped into a customer's bag.

"It was sized down but it was a little loose and we were looking at getting it sized down even more," she said.

The couple is on a mission to get their ring back. They know it's a long shot, but they've posted heartbreaking messages on Facebook and Craigslist describing their tears and depression.

The ring was specially made for them.

"It's the symbol of our love," said Balaban. "It's the symbol of, we're getting married this year, and it has to be there."

The two are saying their "I do's" on November 11th, 11-11-11.

While getting a new ring would be easier than searching for their ring, the couple says it wouldn't be the same.

But ring or no ring, the couple says this experience has brought them closer together.

"We realize that being engaged isn't about having a ring on your finger," Burroughs said.

The couple is asking everyone to keep a look-out for something that means so much. They are also offering a $500 reward for the return of the ring.

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