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Demonstrators protest against budget cuts

MADISON, WI (CNN) – Ten thousand protesters are expected to gather at Wisconsin's state capitol building to stop a controversial budget reform bill from passing.

"Kill the bill! Kill the bill!" is the message Wisconsin public employees want lawmakers to hear loud and clear.

"It's very hard because I'm passionate about what I do, and I feel attacked," said teacher Sara Ludwig.

Thousand have crowded the state capitol in Madison, WI, over the past three days, protesting a budget reform bill backed by Gov. Scott Walker.

The bill will force state workers and teachers to pay more for their benefits and would also limit their collective bargaining rights.

The bill was supposed to go to vote Thursday, but in a defiant move, 16 state senators were a no shows, stalling the session.

"The workers in the state of Wisconsin do not deserve to be treated like mud," said Democrat Sen. Mark Miller. "The governor failed to negotiate with them, he failed to reach out to them, and he failed to talk to them."

Walker said the bill is critical in solving Wisconsin's budget crisis, and he is urging the runaway senators to return.

"I continue to work, and I am calling on members of the state senate to show up and do the job they are paid to do, as well," said Walker.

The chamber is expected to reconvene Friday.

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