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High tides are rolling into San Diego beaches

SAN DIEGO (CNN) - Some of the highest tides of the year are rolling into the San Diego beaches, making a big difference on the shorelines.

With a second round of winter storms approaching, added to what scientists are calling a king tide - nearly 6 inches higher than a normal tide - it could be a recipe for disaster.

With waves smashing up against the bottom of piers, there is no doubt it is the highest tides seen all year.

"You can get these flooding events that happen or big wave events that can cause and have caused in the past destruction," San Diego Coastkeeper scientist Jen Kovecses.

With these predictions, residents such as Joe Tudor are not buying in.

"I think it's a hoax, they are just trying to make everybody paranoid by trying to get this global warming stuff, and it's got nothing to do with things getting hot or cold, you know," Tudor said.

The high tides are drawing local residents and tourists to the shore to watch Mother Nature's show.

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