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Cops: Nude man stole sausage

ESTERO, FL (CNN) - A 34-year-old man is charged after police say he broke into an Estero, FL, community kitchen, stripped nude and stole sausage in January.

Mariner's Cove resident Joe Brown discovered the community's sausage, which was intended for a pancake breakfast, had been stolen, he went to the video.

"That's the first thing you do. Someone stole something, let's see who it is," Brown said. "The door hadn't been locked, and he came in - there's a room back there. He was out of sight, all of a sudden out of nowhere he came out here into the club house and he didn't have any clothes on."

Word of the nude burglar streaked through the retirement community quickly.

"They told us there was a guy in here running around in the buff," Brown said. "That was funny! I was laughing! He walked round in here like it was his own living room."

Residents say, judging by the evidence left behind, the intruder was in need of a shower.

"We assume he took a shower in the slop sink in the back," Brown said.

Joshua Abernathy, who is believed to be a transient, was arrested once detectives got a good look at the video. He has been charged with burglary and petty theft, as well as grand theft and occupied burglary in connection with a similar incident that happened late last year.

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