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Watchdog group wants Congress to sleep at home

WASHINGTON (CNN) - A liberal group has called for an investigation because they say lawmakers should not be allowed to sleep in their offices.

Republican Congressman Joe Walsh has checked into his office to sleep, instead of a hotel room.

"I got to be honest, it's horrible. The couch is very uncomfortable," Walsh said. "I've rolled off. I've rolled off to a thud."

Walsh saved his family the expense of purchasing a second home in Washington, and he said it gives him more time to take care of business.

One liberal group has called for an investigation, and they have accused 30 lawmakers of milking "a fringe benefit on which members of congress must pay taxes."

Democrats have done it too. Hansen Clarke said he is not sure how long he can take it.

"I haven't had a good night's sleep here since I've been in Congress," Clarke said. "It's not comfortable. I'm here to work. I'm not here to be comfortable."

Walsh, a Tea Party conservative who turned down his own congressional heathcare plan, has welcomed the investigation.

Walsh says if sleeping in his office is considered free housing that he has to pay taxes for, he will pay.

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