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Egyptians mark Mubarak's ouster with 'Day of Victory'

CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) - Waving flags and beating drums, thousands gathered in Cairo to celebrate the one-week anniversary of the resignation of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  

Friday's "Day of Victory" was also meant to remind the military that Egyptians are watching the ongoing reform process.  

The planned rally was held in Liberation Square, the epicenter of 18 days of protests that led Mubarak to step down.

Organizers said in a statement that the event was held to "both celebrate the revolution and call for a number of demands that are yet to be fulfilled."  

Some of those demands include "freeing political detainees, issuing a statement on lost protestors, ending the state of emergency, holding corrupt officials accountable and tracing their assets," the statement said.  

 The military has been in charge since Feb. 11, when Mubarak's resignation was announced. Top military leaders dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and vowed to remain in charge until elections can be held in six months or so.  

More celebrations are expected in other Egyptian cities.   

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