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Tire redemption program returns, with restrictions

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Shelby County's Tire Redemption Program is back, but with more restrictions.

A year ago, hundreds lined up with thousands of tires to turn in for money.

With the restart of the Memphis-Shelby County Tire Redemption Program just days away, Jordan Tires on Elvis Presley has been cited by code enforcement officers for a number of violations.

"One of their agents knowingly stated publicly that he manipulated the system by giving tires to some of his friends to turn in," said Memphis City Council member Harold Collins. "They would take a large truck to turn them in."

Sean King, a manager at Jordan's Tire, said he was only trying to offer help to people who may need extra cash.

"I didn't try to do nothing against the law or violate the law," said King. "I didn't know I couldn't give the tires away."

The city and county have set aside $100,000 in funding for the program, which allows residents to be paid a dollar for every tire they turn in to Mac's Tire and Recycling on Elvis Presley.

However, the tire businesses and haulers are not allowed to participate.

"Has there been an issue with people trying to cheat the system and defraud it?" asked Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy. "Apparently there has, and that's why we're cracking down on it."

A city ordinance states that tire dealers must pay a fee to have used tires properly disposed of.

"Since they told me it's against the law, we're going to take the tires down there and whatever violations we got, we're going to make sure we take care of them," said King.

"If you cheat on this program, you are stealing money from the poor, unemployed people who might be picking up illegally dumped tires off the street," said Mulroy. "The money will run out quicker and honest people will not be allowed to take advantage of the program."

City and county leaders said if you are caught cheating, you will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Jordan Tires has until next Friday to comply with the city's ordinance.

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