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Local attorney wants Memphis to rehire police director after retirement

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - An effort is underway to keep Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin on the job.

Godwin is set to retire from the Memphis Police Force in April.  Memphis attorney Larry Rice has started an e-mail campaign urging Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and city council members to rehire Godwin after he retires.

Supporters said Godwin's successful strategies in reducing crime need to continue.

"It is important to have Larry Godwin there because he's successful in fight crime," said Rice.  "He also makes a clear appearance and a clear image that we're succeeding in having a crime reduction in Memphis to the benefit of everybody."

Rice said Godwin accepted a retirement package under the Herenton administration.  He believes Godwin wants to continue leading the Memphis Police Force.

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