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Cross-dressing escapee back in custody in Shelby County

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A cross-dressing escapee with a string of crimes in three states has been extradited back to Shelby County.

Cross-dressing escapee Mario Jackson is back at the Criminal Justice Center after months on the run.

From assault to aggravated robbery and extortion, Jackson already faced 12 charges in Shelby County, mostly violent.  Now, Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesman Chip Washington says "escape" has been added to the list, after he disappeared last summer.

"He was spotted - spotted in Atlanta at one time," Washington said.

While in Atlanta, according to investigators there, Jackson dressed up as a woman to blend in with the trans-gender crowd.

"He was responsible for several burglaries to stores and retail outlets and things like that, but no one was able to actually prove it was him or grab him at that particular point in time," Washington said.

As Action News 5 first reported last December, Jackson then made his way to Houston, Texas where police caught him red-handed.  At that time, he was not in disguise.

"Investigators say he was dressed as a man when they caught him," Washington said. "Apparently, there had been a series of break-ins, home invasion break-ins, to which he was responsible for."
Houston Police had to taze Jackson twice to take him in.

"He gave many aliases, so they finally decided to run his fingerprints to find out who he was," Washington said.

Jackson is due in two different court rooms for various charges on Thursday, and has another court date for other crimes next month.

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