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Family seeks help for woman paralyzed by suspected drunk driver

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South mother was paralyzed by a possible drunk driver who was driving on a license suspended for DUI.

"I looked down and noticed I couldn't move my legs," Kim Armstrong said. "That's when I knew I was paralyzed."

Armstrong's life was turned upside down November 14th, 2010, in Marshal County Mississippi.

"Your life can start all over within a second."

She was driving home to cook dinner for her 10 year-old son. She hasn't been able to cook dinner for him since.

"Thank God my kids weren't in the car with me," Armstrong said.

Armstrong and her family believe the driver was drunk, based on what witnesses have told them.

The Marshall County Sheriff's department will only say the crash is under investigation.

A police report the family gave Action News 5 shows Brandon Woods was driving on a license suspended for DUI.

Shelby County Court records show in May 2009 Woods was arrested for DUI.

An affidavit says an officer observed Woods quote, "passed out in his vehicle."

Then less than three months later, he was arrested again, for "DUI" and "Reckless driving".

For the crash that paralyzed Armstrong, Woods has only received two misdemeanor citations. He has not been charged with DUI.

"Somebody needs to be accountable for letting this guy go," Hughey Moore, Armstrong's father said. "If he keeps driving, he's going to kill someone."

I spoke with Woods over the phone. He told me the allegations he was under the influence are false.

"I got injured as well as she did," Woods said. "I have a shoulder injury. I do feel bad that it happened. I'm recovering, she's recovering."

Woods is recovering at home.

While we were visiting Armstrong she got some good news.

Her family's been working to raise 12-thousand dollars for an Air Ambulance to get Armstrong to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston.

Saint Francis Hospital, along with Armstrong's brother helped get her that Air Ambulance.

"Wings of Hope has said yes today," Cathy Stevens, R.N. Case Manager said.

"Good," Armstrong said smiling and clapping.

Doctors tell Armstrong she will never walk again. But she is says she is holding out hope. Her recovery is estimated to cost 250-thousand dollars for the first year.

Armstrong will need to come up with 20% of that expense.

You can find out how to help Armstrong when you go to

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