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Animal expert not surprised by coyote problem in Memphis

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Coyotes have been terrorizing Mid-South pets for months with few getting caught.

Chad Belding is an expert on the coyote, the planet's most adaptable predator.  He was not surprised to learn about a recurring coyote problem in Memphis.

Belding said Midtown resident should not let their guard down just because one coyote was captured last December.

"There's a lot of coyotes around from what we've been seeing," he said.

Belding has a show called "The Foul Life" on the Sportsman Channel.  He came to Memphis to film an episode of his newest TV hunting show.

On "Dead Dog Walkin'," which premieres next month, Belding and his crew lure coyotes out into the open and shoot to kill.

"We don't hunt coyotes because we're mad at them," said Belding.  "We don't hunt coyotes because we're trying to get rid of them, they do need to be controlled."

Belding said there was a good explanation for why the coyotes are present in Overton Park, a spot frequent for coyote sightings.

"In a park like this, I don't think it would be any problem at all for a coyote to survive," said Belding.  "You've got garbage cans around here.  Trash being dropped.  Squirrels everywhere, rabbits everywhere.  It's got everything a coyote needs to survive."

Belding said coyotes are intruding on populated areas because people have intruded on their land.

"We live in a country that used to be all animals," said Belding.  "They're not just going to quit living here because we built a mall here."

Belding promotes controlling the coyote population to protect other animals.  He said no other animals prey on the coyote.

"They're everywhere," he said.  "They need to be controlled."

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