Chinese government gets involved in Memphis deportation case

A Chinese couple in Memphis faces deportation without their daughter.
     Shaoqiang He says he and his wife Qin Luo thought they could get their child back any time they wanted after putting her in foster care.
    They did it because they were broke. Shaoqiang He was facing a sexual assault charge when his daughter was born in 1999.
    All of the money went to defend him.
    He ignored his attorney's advice to plea bargain, demanded a jury trial and was acquitted of the charge. 
    The couple's student visas are long-expired and an immigration judge ordered them deported at a hearing in December.
    The Hes say they're willing to leave, but want to take Anna Mae with them.
    The Chinese embassy in Washington has written to the Memphis court and the state attorney general asking for a quick resolution of the custody case and fair treatment for the Hes.

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