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Study: Working moms likely to have sicker children

PEMBROKE PINES, FL (NBC) - A new study reveals kids whose moms work outside the home are more likely to become sick.

A North Carolina State University researcher looked at 89,000 children age 7 to 17. Twenty years of CDC data found children of working mothers have a 200 percent increased risk of hospitalization, asthma episodes, and injuries or poisonings.

"A lot of people have to work," said nurse practitioner Kristi Wittingham. "It's a way of life to survive and provide for your kids that you want to have and enjoy, you have to work."

Pediatrician Dr. Ivette Cubas hasn't encountered what the study finds in her own practice and is concerned the study could increase guilt for working moms.

"I don't think it's necessarily that I've seen kids of working moms versus non-working moms are more prone to hospitalization or injuries," Cubas said. "I don't think I've seen that in my experience."

Other studies have found children of working mothers are actually healthier because of increased incomes and better health insurance coverage.

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