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Controversy surrounds quilt at exhibition

HAMPTON, VA (NBC) - One quilt is causing a stir at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show due the mature content featured on the work of art.

Stitched into the quilt, one of 800 on display, is a naked woman with a fetus in her belly and her genitals exposed.

"It's embarrassing," said one offended visitor. "Disgusting doesn't even cover it."

Carol Lovell went to the show and was very upset.

"It shouldn't be pornographic, and it is," Lovell said. "We come and we see this, where a woman's body parts are exposed, and I'm highly offended. It's showing an open pubic area with the hair combed back."

The managers of the quilt show soon felt Lovell was causing a commotion and asked her to leave.

Some visitors viewed the quilt simply as art and weren't bothered by it.

"My kids know what it looks like," laughed another woman.

The quilt, which was made by Kathy Nida of California, depicts a homeless woman and her unborn child living in a cardboard box. Nida says the quilt is about being one paycheck away from desperation and begging for help.

Peter Mancuso, one of the hosts and managers of the quilt show, said it is art.

"It's textile art," he said.

Mancuso said that his quilt show, first held in Williamsburg, VA, and then moved to Hampton, has been delighting thousands of people every year for the last 22 years.

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