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Marion residents deal with mess left behind by storms

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MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - Residents of one Mid-South neighborhood were left a gigantic mess Friday, less than a day after thunderstorms passed through that caused serious damage.

Neighbors in the Delta Acres subdivision are accustomed to the sound of a passing train, but Thursday night, that sound wasn't coming from the tracks.

Signs of 70 to 90 mile per hour straight line winds were evident Friday from one end of the subdivision to the other, from twisted backyard playgrounds to flying, twisted metal halted by a tree line.  

"It just all happened really fast, and just fast winds, and we got in the bathroom with all the animals with couch cushions," resident Leslie Wall said.

John Phillips' thought his drive home during the worst of it might be his last.

"It was hailing like crazy. I couldn't see nothing," he said. "I had no idea that I was this close to home. I told my wife, I said, 'I love you if I don't make it.'"

Damage was extensive. The workshop Phillips finished building just one month ago was lifted off it's foundation, and crash landed on everything inside.

"I got a lawn mower in there, and my four wheeler in there," he said. "Log splitters and all my power tools."
Luckily, trees sit far from the property lines, so those that fell caused little damage.

But Friday, homeowners like Phillips had their work cut out for them.

"You know, some pretty crazy things happened here last night," he said.

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Homeowners weren't the only ones affected by the storm.  Walter Davis, who runs a repair shop in Marion, needed repairs of his own.

Davis and his crew fix trucks and trailers, but Friday, he could not get vehicles in or out through the crumpled metal doors at his shop until insurance adjusters came to look at the damage.  

"We're losing money because we can't do no work," Davis said. "We can't work out of the shop or in the shop, and it's a pretty bad day for us."

Even worse, most of Davis' inventory doesn't belong to him, like an overturned trailer that was in for repairs.

"When we got here we saw where the storm had took and laid it over on its side there," he said.

Davis called the owner, Tony Barrow, with the bad news.

"Well, I just had some minor stuff getting done to it, and now, some major stuff," he said.

Shop owners said could be Monday before insurance adjusters could get out to estimate the storm damage, which means they won't be back in business until some time next week.

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