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New app saves drivers money

(NBC) - A new smartphone application allows users to save money at the gas pump.

With "Gas Buddy," users can check for the cheapest gas prices in any given area, with the information provided by like-minded consumers that have utilized a concept called crowd sourcing.

"Crowd sourcing means people like you who have the application installed when you go to a gas station, while you're filling up you say, 'I have a second or two, I'll enter the gas prices at this gas station,' and then everyone else can see that information,'" said editor Brian Cooley.

Apple's application for the iPhone is called Fuel Finder, and it relies on Gas Buddy for its information that is constantly being updated from people standing right at the gas pump.

"But I think the real value here is that you're going to get a very community-oriented take on where the cheapest gas is in a way that only thousands of real eyeballs in the street could ever do," Cooley said.

The application costs little or nothing, and a serious uptick in use is expected as gas prices rise.

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