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US Airways flight to be displayed at aviation museum

NEW YORK (NBC) - US Airways flight 1549, best known for being landed in the Hudson River, will now be part of a permanent exhibit at the Carolinas Aviation Museum this summer in a time capsule of a historic flight.

The wreckage sits in a makeshift hanger about 10 miles from the actual site of the "Miracle on the Hudson" landing. The exhibit will be an eerie reminder of the chaotic moments when 155 passengers and crew rushed to evacuate the cabin.

Shawn Dorsch is president of the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, where flight 1549 will make its permanent home in the coming months.

"I see history, and I see the best of humanity," Dorsch said.

The wings that buoyed passengers have since been removed but will soon be reattached.

The museum will reconstruct the plane as it was on the day of the emergency landing that included everything inside the cabin, right down to the beverages that were on board.

"It's going to be frozen in time, just as it was when it came out of the water," Dorsch said.

The majority of survivors that day were from Charlotte, including Pam Seagle, who said she will find comfort in being able to visit the aircraft.

"I think there is a huge emotional connection to the aircraft as a passenger," Seagle said.

The plane is scheduled to arrive at its new home at the Carolina Aviation Museum on June 11, where it will immediately be put on public display.

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