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11-year-old songwriter is singing out against bullying

(NBC) - Young singer and songwriter India Rockett is giving bullied kids a voice by writing songs based on problems children face in their everyday lives.

The 11-year-old started writing only a couple of years ago and has amassed an extensive catalogue of work that contains insight beyond her years.

"I feel like I have accomplished something officially and finally, and I'm happy to have the hands to actually write down my feelings, because I have a lot of feelings that I hold in sometimes," Rockett said.

After she found out that her younger brother Kobe was being teased, she immediately began working on a new song, which her aunt posted to YouTube.

"You can tease me, so whatever. You can talk about me, whenever. But there's nothing you can do but make yourself look a fool, however," Rockett sings. "You can't change me. You can't rearrange me. You can't stop me being who I am."

Since the song is posted online, India hoped to let the victims of bullying know that she cares for them.

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