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Teens prank elderly Horn Lake man searching for missing dog

By Daniel Hight - bio | email

HORN LAKE, MS - (WMC-TV) - A Mississippi man has spent recent days posting flyers, looking for his lost dog. But what he has received in return are prank calls, claming the dog has been found.

Ed Hickman, 83, walks in his Horn Lake neighborhood everyday for exercise.

"Sometimes it gets to be a drag," said Hickman, "but I gotta do it."

His dog Sofia, a Miniature Pinscher, walked along with him.

"She makes my chore of walking a little more pleasurable," said Hickman.   

But now Hickman is hitting the streets, not for exercise, but to find Sofia.

"Its gonna get lonesome around here," said Hickman.

Nearly two weeks ago, Sofia dug her way out of Hickman's back yard.

"I thought I had my fence pretty well dog-proofed," said Hickman.

Finding Sofia is of utmost importance to the widowed Hickman.

"The dog is all the family I got left now," he said.

Hickman printed out flyers and distributed them around the neighborhood. People have called with leads, but all have fallen cold. And not everyone has been helpful. Teenagers have called and said they found Sofia and locked her in a dumpster.
"Yea, we got your dog," one message said, but when Hickman arrived at the given location, no one was there and there was no Sofia.

"I'm being bothered," said Hickman. "I've had a bunch of calls, but some of them are kinda prankish."

Regardless, Hickman said he must go to all sightings, just in case the caller is truthful.

"I definitely appreciate anyone who could help me get my dog back," said Hickman. "I need her."

Meanwhile, Hickman has left the back gate open, hoping Sofia returns. He said life will be empty without his walking partner.

"Walking gets dreary when you do it everyday by yourself," said Hickman.

If you have any information that could help find Sofia, send an email to dhight@wmctv.com

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