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Mini pig mix-up in Mississippi leaves woman confounded

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SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - A North Mississippi pig breeder is at the center of a mini pig mix up, after a Pennsylvania woman said the wrong animal was shipped to her home.

A woman had her heart set on a piglet named Hank Jr. She says what she got instead was six weeks of excuses, and then, the wrong piglet. And she's not the only one who's mad at the Southaven based business.

Cynthia Dinoski lives in Pennsylvania. She is connected to the Mid-South, through a pig named Quinn.

She received her from Mississippi Mini Piglets. Now she wants to warn others before they go through what she says she did, paying a thousand bucks for the wrong pig.

"I paid a thousand dollars for a pig that was described as a unique tri-colored male," Dinoski said. "What I got was a black pot bellied pig...He is a she."

Dinoski says after she paid the business a $1,000, the owners gave her excuses for six weeks about why they couldn't ship Hank Jr.

She says first the pig had a cold, then he was too small, then it was the weather. Finally, the day arrived when she thought she could pick Hank up at the airport.

"We looked in the crate and it was the incorrect pig,"

She says Chad McCarty told her pig was mistakenly shipped to Boston. She called the people in Boston.

"In fact, they don't have the correct pig that they purchased from Chad and Brooke," Dinosky said.

"I want to know what happened to the pig I purchased. Did they sell it to someone else? Did it die? I want to know what happened to it."

And there are other unsatisfied customers. One made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Now Mississippi Mini Piglets has an F rating.

Action News 5 went to address listed for the breeder. No one came to the door.

Later, we spoke with Chad McCarty by phone. He admitted his brother shipped the wrong pig to Dinoski, and says he agreed to pay for her to be spayed.

McCarty felt Dinoski was satisfied with that arrangement.

However, Dinoski says that is not the case, she would like half of her money back and an apology.

She is still waiting to hear back from McCarty in response to her voicemails and text messages.

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