Back to school eye check could boost your child's education

Take this simple yes or no test from the American Optometric Association for your child. If you answer “yes” to more than one question, or your child has not seen an optometrist in over two years, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment at Total Eye Care .
Does your pre-schooler:
  • Have an eye turning inward, outward, upward, or downward frequently
  • Tend to bump into objects
  • Have red eyes or lids
  • Rub eyes frequently
  • Have excessive tearing
  • Turn or tilt head to use one eye only
  • Have encrusted eyelids
  • Have frequent styes
  • Avoid coloring, puzzles, or detailed activities
  • Experience difficulty with eye-hand-body coordination
Does your school-age child:
  • Lose place while reading
  • Avoid close work
  • Hold reading material closer than normal, bring it closer while reading, or shift it often
  • Tend to rub eyes
  • Have headaches
  • Turn or tilt head to use one eye only
  • Make frequent reversals when reading or writing
  • Use finger to maintain place when reading
  • Omit or confuse small words when reading
  • Consistently perform below potential
Regular eye exams, starting when your child is just six months old, by Total Eye Care can help you be certain that your child’s vision is developing normally. Since vision changes can occur without you or your child noticing them, your child should visit us at least every two years, or more frequently, if specific problems or risk factors exist. If needed, we can prescribe treatment including eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision therapy. Keep in mind, a school vision screening, while helpful, is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye examination. Schedule your child’s back-in-school eye examination with Total Eye Care to make the most of a good education.  Call us at (901) 761-4620.