Producers of The Grace Card hope for strong second weekend

By Ben Watson - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - After a strong opening weekend showing, producers of the Memphis-based movie The Grace Card are hoping to keep the momentum going.

Pastor Lynn Holmes, whose Calvary Church helped produce The Grace Card, believes it will take one more strong showing in theaters this weekend to show Hollywood there's a market for faith-based films.

"They're still in Hollywood just a little jaded toward faith-based films, so they watch it with a lot of scrutiny, and if it doesn't perform very, very strong the first week and the second week, they start pulling it right away, and it's a domino effect," He said.

The Grace Card features actor Lou Gossett and tells the story of two police officers and how grace changed their lives.

According to Holmes, audience reaction after seeing the movie has been very moving - with reports of some theater-goers coming together in prayer and some couples coming together in forgiveness.

"She had not spoken to her husband for 12 years, and after seeing this film, she realized that she had to reach out to him and forgive him," Holmes said.

The movie is also getting high marks for the positive light it is shining on Memphis, but Holmes says one of its greatest accomplishments may turn out to be the doors it opens for other movies with similar themes.

"If we want Hollywood to take notice that we want good wholesome family films, then we need to support these type of films," he said.

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