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Kansas City officer arrested for shooting outside nightclub

KANSAS CITY, MO (CNN) - An off-duty Kansas City, KS police officer is accused of shooting a bouncer at a Missouri nightclub this Friday.

Witnesses say the off-duty cop was acting aggressively, when the club's bouncers tried to get him under control.

The very first line of the sign at the 6902 club front door spells it out, "No weapons."

Witnesses, including another bouncer working that night, said the officer was drunk and belligerent, so they took him outside.

One of the bouncers said that he was actually in between the suspect and the other bouncer who got shot.

He said, when the suspect pulled his gun, his friend pushed him out of the way, knocked the suspect to the ground here, and that's when he was shot.

The chalk at the corner of 69th Street and Prospect Mark is where investigators found shell casings.

Even though police say the bouncer was shot twice in the stomach, he should survive the incident.

Officials with the Kansas City, KS police department are not commenting.

They say this matter is in the hands of their counterparts in Missouri.

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