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Teenager survives car crashing through living room

MEDFORD, NY (CNN) - A Long Island teenager wanted to go out with his friends this weekend, but his mother insisted that it would be safer to stay at home.

As it turned out, the 15-year-old, Mario Arriaza, was lucky to survive a freak accident while sitting on his own living room couch.

Authorities say the driver of a mini-van went into diabetic shock while driving around in the teenager's neighborhood.

The driver lost control of the mini-van, and smashed into a Jeep parked in the Arriaza's driveway.

The impact drove the empty Jeep right through the wall of the living room, where Arriaza was sitting, watching television.

"And it pushed me, and I landed over there, and then I looked back, and the Jeep was there," Arriaza said. "Another car was there. So, like, I ran."

Arriaza walked away with just a cut on his hand.

He was lucky to avoid being hit by flying two-by-fours, which wound up sticking into the wall right above the television.

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