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Maintenance man rescues family from fire

ORLANDO, FL (CNN) – A maintenance man was in the right place at the right time when he rescued a family from a burning building.

"They were all sleep except the father," said Bill Hocker. "He came out choking from the smoke and the door was locked soI kicked the door in."

The father jump through the front window, but the mother and five children, all under age 10, were locked inside, asleep upstairs.

Maintenance man Bill Hocker and a neighbor, known as Big D, went inside and tried to find the kids.

The most dramatic part of the rescue came when the mother had to drop one of the children from the second story of the home.

"We weren't even thinking about us, we were just thinking about them kids and afterwards everybody cried," Hocker said.

After multiple trips upstairs, everyone made it out, but the fire badly damaged the home. The kitchen, where the fire likely started, was scorched.

"By the time the firefighters got here I think there would have been a victim," Hocker said.

The Ward family got a chance to see one of the heroes for first time since the fire.

"I spoke with him already, thanked him last night, but I can't thank them enough," said an adult outside the condo.

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