Slain officer was responding to domestic violence call when he was gunned down

Patrolman Anthony Woods was responding to a domestic violence call when he went down. It started Wednesday night just before 7:30. A woman called 911 saying her friend was being threatened by her boyfriend. Police Officer Anthony Woods was dispatched. He went alone in his squad car. Another officer also made the call, but it was several minutes after Woods arrived and had been shot.

Firefighters at the fire station on Mendenhall near Poplar decided they should do something for Police officer Anthony Woods, a man they never met. Bobby Benson, Memphis Firefighter said, "The police officer had three children and I'm a father of four and someone's got to help take care of them children. It's tragic what happened to that officer and I said we're all in this together."

Officer Anthony Woods was shot Wednesday night after being dispatched to a town home in Parkway Village, a place officers had been called to several times in the past. This call was similar to the others, domestic dispute with a possible armed party. When Woods arrived at the apartment he was confronted by an armed Alreco Ayers. Ayers girlfriend had already run to the bathroom to hide. Dir. James Bolden, Memphis Police said, "The officer drew his weapon and ordered Mr. Ayers to disarm himself." Ayers' girlfriend could hear shots being fired. "At the time of this shooting our investigation has determined that the officer had been immobilized, had been shot inside of the apartment and was laying motionless on the floor." Director Bolden says Ayers started to escort the woman that he shot and her friend who was hiding in the apartment outside when he realized police officers were outside. Ayers said it's all over for him and he shot himself.

Anthony Woods died at the Med after being taken there by helicopter. Police are still investigating this case and questioning people trying to find out exactly what happened between the time officer Woods arrived on the scene and was shot.

Officer Anthony Woods was a seven-year veteran of the Memphis police department. He served the East Precinct. Officer Woods leaves behind a wife, who works as a deputy jailer, and three children. Funeral arrangements are still being made.

You can help the Woods family by stopping by the WMC family of stations Friday. Donate to the "In the line of Duty" fund between 6 in the morning and seven in the evening. Again that's Friday, here at the station, 1960 Union Avenue.