Neighbors say man who shot patrolman was a violent person

Officer Anthony Woods, killed in the line of duty, was responding to a domestic violence call in the Parkway Village Town homes. Investigators say he was shot and killed by Alreco Ayers. Police say Ayers also shot and wounded his girlfriend before killing himself. Neighbors talked about the couple's violent past.

As police continued their investigation into the shooting, neighbors talked about the fight that led up to it. Victor Delgabrillo said, "My lady said I heard some gunshots, and I say the lady being beaten up by the guy." Neighbors say it was not the first time Alreco Ayers and Devina Suggs had battled. Minnie Pink said, "They was always arguing and everybody was telling her why don't you let that man go, but she always let him come back." And neighbors say a few days would pass and then the fighting would start again, with Devina Suggs usually ending up the loser. "I saw him kick the door in, I mean it's just terrible."

Neighbors say the couple's current door has been replaced three times this year. "It's been kicked in several times, man they have had to come paint it a lot of times man, a lot of times it's been kicked." Now, the door and the rest of the apartment is part of a murder crime scene. Neighbors are praying that Suggs will eventually recover from this terrible ordeal. "I just feel so sorry for the way he was doing her, the way he was doing her, he was always fighting, she'd try to fight back but I guess it didn't do much good last night."

Neigbors say the couple moved into the apartment about six months ago. They say Davina Suggs was the friendly outgoing one, but Ayers didn't say much and for the most part - kept to himself.