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Arkansas man arrested on forgery, more charges expected

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) – An Arkansas man was charged with forgery, theft and theft by deception in Poinsett County earlier this week.

According to Poinsett County Prosecutor Marty Lilly, 41-year old David Todd Young of Harrisburg was arrested at a residence at 13960 Ridgewood Lane on Wednesday.

Lilly said Young had been printing fake checks from his computer and using them to purchase items and deliver them to a number of addresses.

"On February the 23rd and 24th, Chief Rolland Geror of the Weiner Police Department received a call from a business in Weiner, Arkansas concerning two forged checks," said Lilly.

According to an incident report from the Weiner Police Department, a local tractor company reported one unauthorized transaction in December of $23,323.84 from American Precious Metal Exchange, Incorporated. The company is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The report indicated that as the victim was sifting through bank records, he found a second unauthorized withdrawal in February for $23,723.78.

The incident report also indicated a copy of the complaint was sent to the FBI office in Jonesboro.

"We get a prosecutor subpoena and the metals company cooperated with us and it was determined that the first shipment of gold was sent to an address north of Harrisburg," said Lilly.

Lilly said most of the legwork in the investigation was done by Geror. Other police agencies assisted in the investigation and in serving search warrants.

"The name of the owner of the place did not match up the name on the check and the name that the shipment was being sent to," said Lilly. "That name did not match up to any of the names receiving the gold shipment."

In December of last year, American Precious Metals shipped a box of gold coins to Young's residential address in north Harrisburg, the incident report suggested.

Lilly said investigators contacted American Precious Metals to inform them of the situation. He said officials agreed to send the second shipment of gold coins; however, the box would be empty. The second shipment was sent to an address in Hoxie.

"We determined that it would be best to get a search warrant for both places and an arrest warrant for the individual whose name appeared on the check," said Lilly.

On the morning the search warrants were to be initiated, Lilly said someone had picked up the empty box from UPS in Pocahontas.

Tuesday, police finally got a break in the case. Lilly said the license plate number and suspect's truck were in the driveway of the north Harrisburg residence. Police served the search warrant and placed Young under arrest.

"Multiple forged checks were found, a computer, lots of merchandise and $8,000 brand new lawn mower, turns out, had been purchased with a bogus check," said Lilly. "He gave a complete statement and admitted that he had been printing these checks on his computer using a check writing program."

Lawrence County Sheriff's deputies, the Hoxie Police Department and Geror served the warrant on the Hoxie residence.

"We don't have any evidence of any involvement in this. Apparently, it was the girlfriend of the suspect," said Lilly.

Lilly said the property crime could reach $300,000. Other evidence was collected.

"He has been purchasing gold, silver and multiple other items all over the country, as far away as New York," said Lilly. "Checks indicate that he had multiple bogus businesses that he was printing checks on. Bogus bank accounts, bogus addresses from Illinois and Tennessee."

"We found the computer, the printer, blank check paper, some checks that were already printed up but they weren't filled out," said Ron Martin, Investigator with the Poinsett County Sheriff's Office. "We believe that most of the money that he has gotten from these bogus checks probably has been lost at gambling casinos."

"He has used so many names, so many companies, and so many mailing addresses that scatter over three or four different states," said Martin.

Lilly said more charges are expected to be filed against Young, who is currently being held in the Poinsett County Detention Center. Young was charged Wednesday and given a $20,000 bond.

"We anticipate, either later today or tomorrow, filing additional charges and or counts against him and will be asking the court to increase his bond," said Lilly.

The computer will either be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab or FBI. Martin said some crimes could have happened outside country boundaries and jurisdiction may be an issue.

Young is also wanted in Hernando, Mississippi.

"The lawnmower was purchased at a business in Hernando," said Lilly. "They currently have a hold on Mr. Young out of Hernando, Mississippi on an arrest warrant of theft by deception or forgery."

"It's amazing in today's time with the internet and computers and everything the way they are now, that people can still write large checks and receive merchandise," said Lilly.

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