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Cameras capture tornado ripping through AL

THEODORE, AL (NBC) - When a tornado came roaring through the town of Theodore, AL, security cameras in several businesses caught some amazing sights.

The F2 twister, with winds reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour, touched down in the town on Wednesday. It's being described as the worst severe weather outbreak in 10 years.

Lee Grant knew bad weather was on its way, he just didn't know how bad.

"All of sudden the hail just hammered. And before I could even turn my head and look up, everything started going crazy. And I tried to crawl under the mower," Grant said.

Grant said he was working on a customer's engine at the hardware store when he heard some hail on the roof and the lights flickered. Grant said he knew something bad was about to happen.

"Yeah. It was a bad sign," Grant said. "I know that is a tell tale for a tornado. But I didn't realize I was going to have one come over the top of my head."

The F2 tornado that hit the town stripped the roof from the hardware store, and damaged or destroyed several other nearby homes and businesses.

Margaret Alexander and her husband Tony own the hardware store. Their son is responsible for an amazing network of security cameras in the store, cameras that kept rolling, even as the tornado came roaring through the building.

"Well, the lights flickered, and they came back on, and then we started hearing it and we went to the door. And that's when it was right at us. It was right there. And so my husband and I took off under the counter," Alexander said.

For a brief moment, the people in the hardware store were in the grip of a tornado. But, in the end, the four people inside the store at the time the tornado struck walked away unscathed.

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