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US Marshals and deputies go on undercover roundup in Tipton County

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COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Last week was a busy one for Tipton County sheriff's deputies and US Marshals, as they rounded up drugs and arrested drug dealers. 

Action News 5 cameras were rolling as George Robert Leird was escorted by US Marshals to a cop car heading to jail. 

"We found a quarter pound of marijuana. That's what I saw a while ago. I saw some cash," said Tipton County sheriff Pancho Chumley.

In an undercover round-up called Operation Drug Sweep, US Marshals and Tipton County sheriff's deputies targeted drug dealers and other violent offenders all over Tipton County.

Leird was just one of 24 people arrested on nearly sixty drug indictments. All those arrested faced a Tipton County Grand Jury last week. 

"This is a continuation of what we've been doing," Chumley said. "We've been doing this drug roundup every chance we get."

In addition to marijuana, deputies seized televisions, guns, and large amounts of cash. One of those arrested even answered the door with a marijuana cigarette in his mouth.

Chumley said these undercover operations have been going on for months. 

"We have confidential informants," he said. "We also have good citizens of Tipton County that stick together and they call us and they help us out with different information."

Chumley said last week's action won't be the last of these undercover roundups, so drug dealers should beware.

"We give warnings early on and told people if you're doing drugs and criminal activity...stop," he said.

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