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Deputy who first spotted prison escapees tells about his pursuit of the men

Deputy Chad McClatchy Deputy Chad McClatchy

By Lori Brown - bio | email

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - Monday, a DeSoto County Sheriff's Deputy experienced something few people will ever experience: chasing after prison escapees, wanted for murdering a man while they were on the run.

Louisiana prison escapees Ricky Wedgeworth and Darian Pierce were on day 10 of being fugitives.

Investigators said they carjacked a man in Vickburg, Mississippi, and then dumped his body in Bessemer, Alabama.

Who knows what would have happened next, if not for Desoto County Sheriff's Deputy Chad McClatchy?

Tuesday, McClatchy said an alert to be on the lookout for the fugitives in a Park and Recreation pickup went out over his radio. Ten minutes later, he noticed a pickup matching the description.

"I got behind the vehicle noticed a Tennessee tag. So I pulled up beside it, to see the sticker on the window it said, 'Madison County Park and Recreation,'" McClatchy said.

McClatchy was about to get off duty and was on the phone with his wife.

"I said, 'Baby, I got to go, I got the escapees right here.' I said, 'I love you', I'll call you back."

"I love you and be careful," he says his wife said.

He hung the phone up.

McClatchy knew what the escapees were capable of.

"I was expecting the worst," He said.

McClatchy put his lights on.

"They just continued to drive. No change of speed or anything."

The pursuit went on for about 20 minutes with more and more agencies getting involved.

"When Memphis got in they immediately shut it down," McClatchy said.

McClatchy said once the pursuit ended, he called his wife to let her know he was okay.

"I just did my job," he said. "You're not a hero for doing your job."

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