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Lower-grade fuel could save you money

(NBC) - If you look inside your car's owner's manual, you might find that a lower-grade fuel might work well for your car - and save you money.

The experts at the online automotive giant Edmunds.com say engines of today can handle it.

"We used to have engines that would knock if you put in lower grade fuel," said Philip Reed with Edmunds. "So, people were looking for higher octane, higher grade fuels, so that the car wouldn't knock. But now, there's so much computerization in the car that it basically tunes itself as it goes."

If nothing else, you could at least experiment.

"If there's any drop-off in terms of performance or you hear anything that's unusual, you can always go back to premium fuel," Reed said.

And back to paying $4 to $5 more for a fill-up.

However, if premium gas is required, do not try a lower grade of fuel because it really can damage your engine, Reed said.

Looking inside your car's owner's manual could help you save money at the pump.

"If it's recommended, you can try a lower grade of fuel," said Philip Reed of Edmunds.com.

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