911 transcript details calls for help

Memphis: Fire Department, what is the address of your emergency?

Caller: Yeah, it's 2686 Kirby-Whitten Road just south of Summer Avenue at The Billiard Club.

Memphis: OK. What's the problem there sir?

Caller: I've got a person that's had a seizure or a heart attack, passed out totally, having convulsions.

Dispatcher: Male or female?

Caller: Male, approximately sixty years old.

Memphis: OK. Is he breathing?

Caller: Ah, Ma'am, I don't know I'm across the building from him.

Memphis: You're not close to him at all?

Caller: Not close to him at all.

Memphis: O.K. All right, sir. Tell them not to do CPR on him. Don't hold him down or force anything into his mouth. Just get dangerous objects out of his way once he stops having a seizure, have him to lie down. Make certain that he's breathing. Turn him on his side, and when he wakes up, don't let him walk around. We're on the way.

Caller: Thank you now.


Memphis Dispatch: Engine 25, unit 14 respond a 12-Delta-2, 60-year-old male having multiple seizures at The Billiards Club, 2686 Kirby Road at Langsdale Cove. Engine 25, unit 14 respond to a 12-Delta-2, 60-year-old male multiple seizures at The Billiards Club, 2686 Kirby Road at Langsdale Cove. Manually switch to talk with Alpha 13. Manually switch to talk with Alpha 13. Timeout is 2103.


Unit: 25

Memphis Dispatch: 41...... 41?

Unit: Check 41.


Unit: This is not a good address on Kirby Road. Dispatch, Unit 14......... Dispatch to unit 14. … (unintelligible) saying they don't find a 2686 Kirby. Do you have a call back number? (Unintelligible) Hey, Sandra, has unit 14 found anything yet? (unintelligible) Can someone give me the white pages?


Memphis: Fire Department.

Caller: Yes ma'am, my name is Bill, with The Billiard Club of Kirby-Whitten.

Memphis: Yes sir.

Caller: I called for an ambulance. Can you give me any kind of an ETA?

Memphis: OK, sir, we've got someone else on the line. They should be there any minute. OK? We got somebody on the line helping them at this time. What is the address there?

Caller: It's 2686.

Memphis: I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

Caller: 2686 Kirby-Whitten Road, a block south of Summer Avenue.

Memphis: OK.....yeah.... we'll be there in a minute.

Caller: Thank you.

Dispatcher: All right.


Memphis: (to someone else in the room): No, not in Memphis. It's Bartlett.

Bartlett: Bartlett police.

Memphis: Yes ma'am, we're needing you all on an emergency call at The Billiards Club, do you all have that call?

Bartlett: Where are you? Hello? Where are you?

Memphis: Hold on…..... it's 2686 Kirby-Whitten.

Bartlett: Where is that? Is it a business?

Memphis: It's a business on 2686 Kirby-Whitten Road. It's a billiards club. And there's a party in cardiac arrest.

Bartlett: Now what's the name of this place?

Memphis: I don't know the exact name of it, but it is a billiards club is what they keep saying.

Bartlett: Billiards club?

Memphis: Yes....2686 Kirby-Whitten.

Bartlett: OK, I don't think that's ours.

Memphis: Kirby-Whitten is not yours?

Bartlett: Not below 2735, I don't think. If it goes south...

Memphis: Oh, my God. This is so ridiculous.

Bartlett: Yea, once it goes south of Hwy. 70, it's no longer Bartlett.

Background voice: It says here (unintelligible) Bartlett.

Memphis: OK, so it's county, but it's not yours?

Bartlett: If you could tell me the exact name of the place, it would help.

Memphis: I'm giving you the exact address, but that does not help?

Bartlett: When I type in…it's telling me 2735 is our first number on Kirby-Whitten.

Memphis: My goodness, this is so sad. But I've given you an address......but, you can't get that address. Is that right? That address is not working for you?

Bartlett: It's not. Yeah. It won't work work like that.

Memphis: I don't know what else to tell you........let me try the county. I've got to get somebody going that way.

Bartlett: Try the county and uh...

Memphis: OK. No problem.


Memphis: Fire Department. What is the address of the emergency?

Caller: The address is, I don't know the address, but I'm at The Billiards Club on the corner of Whitten Road and Summer.

Memphis: What happened?

Caller: A man has passed out in the club behind the pool table, and he's had a heart attack before.

Dispatcher: How old is he?

Caller: And he's...he's not breathing.

Memphis: How old is he?

Caller: He's probably 65.

Memphis: OK. Just calm down. Are you there with him?

Caller: Yes ma'am....there's a lot of people here.

Memphis: OK. I can hear you.

Caller: OK.

Memphis: All right. Get him.....(unintelligible)

Caller: I just don't know how you can hear me on this cell phone.

Memphis: Yeah. I can hear you real loud.

Caller: OK.

Memphis: Get him in the floor on his back. If he's not breathing, we're going to have to start CPR.

Caller: It's 108 Whitten Road.

Memphis: 108?

Caller: 108.

Memphis: 108's not a good number on Whitten.

Caller: 110. Straight across the street from Gateway Tire.

Memphis: OK. You said it's at Whitten and Summer?

Caller: Yes, ma'am.

Memphis: Well, 108's not a good number on Whitten.

Caller: OK. The Family Dollar Store -- We're in the same shopping center as the Family Dollar Store.

Memphis: And it's a billiards place.

Caller: Billiard's Club. Please hurry. They're doing CPR. His tongue, he's done swallowed his tongue.

Memphis: Billiards Club. Did us.....somebody's already doing CPR?

Caller: Yes, ma'am.

Memphis: They know how to do it?

Caller: Yeah. I do too, but somebody's already doing it.

Memphis: O.K. I've got the ambulance on the way. What are they doing? I want to make sure they're doing it right.

Caller: They're breathing, and they're pumping. I know how to do it.

Memphis: You do?

Caller: Yes.

Memphis: OK, well, we've got the ambulance on the way. Just keep the CPR up until they get inside. Okay.

Caller: OK.

Memphis: What telephone number can we call you back on in case we need to.

Caller:"Gives her cell phone number"

Memphis: O.K. We're on the way.

Caller: Thank you.

Memphis: You're welcome.


Memphis: Yeah this is Memphis Fire. We've got a call at a billiards club at Whitten Road and Summer and it didn't come up to be ours. Is that yours? Is that Bartlett?

Shelby County: It's going to be Bartlett.

Memphis: Bartlett, isn't it? All right, let me call them.

County: OK.

Memphis: Thanks.


Bartlett: Fire Department. Lieutenant Jones.

Memphis: Hey, Bartlett. This is Memphis Fire.

Bartlett: Um-hmm.

Memphis: We got a call for a male who's passed out at The Billiard Club at Whitten and Summer.

Bartlett: The Billiards Club at Whitten.....

Memphis: And Summer.

Bartlett: And Summer?

Memphis: Um-hmm. Is that yours?

Bartlett: Is that Memphis or is it county? (speaks to someone in the background) She said it's at Whitten and Summer.

Memphis: The lady was trying to.... kept trying to give me at 108 Whitten. But that was not a good number, and maybe they're just all frantic because the guy's passed out and they're doing CPR.

Bartlett: They are?

Memphis: Uh-huh

Bartlett: Where is it at?

Memphis: It's at Whitten and Summer. She said by the Dollar Store.

Bartlett: By the Family Dollar Store?

Memphis: Uh-huh. Family Dollar Store.

Bartlett: OK. That...uh... is that Memphis or county?

Memphis: I don't know. I called county, they said it's yours.

Bartlett: No. No. We stop at the road right before that. That is a, that's I guess a Memphis call.

Memphis: That's going to be city?

Bartlett: Yeah. They got the businesses out there, Memphis got the businesses. I think county's still got the residences. But that right there is definitely not Bartlett.

Memphis: OK.

Bartlett: If it's by that billiards in that shopping strip that is going to be a Memphis call.

Memphis: OK.

Bartlett: All right...uh

Memphis: Thanks.


Memphis: What is the address of the emergency?

Caller: I'm at the corner of Whitten Road and Country Park. We've called for an ambulance.

Memphis: Hold on a second. (talking to someone else in the same room) Are you trying to get (unintelligible) somebody on Whitten at Country Park? Hold on a second… The lady you spoke to … is trying to call you back.

Memphis(Different Dispatcher): Fire department. Hello

Caller: Yes. Yes. Where ya'll at?

Memphis: You've called for an ambulance at Summer and Kirb, uh.... uh Whitten?

Caller: Summer. I can look at the light, but I'm a block going toward the expressway. I'm at Country Park.

Memphis: Country Park?

Caller: Yes. Country Park and Whitten Road. I can look up, and I can see the sign at Summer. There's no ambulance nowhere....I uh can.....

Memphis: OK. Well, do you have ah uh number on Whitten or Summer.

Caller: Yeah. It's on Whitten..... uh, it's on Whitten. 108 Whitten. I'm right across the street from Gateway Tire. If they're coming up 64, I can see them.

Memphis: OK.

Caller: I mean this guy is in bad shape, really bad shape.

Memphis: OK. Are they still doing CPR on him?

Caller: Yeah. They are doing CPR, but... oh man.... his pulse is about gone.

Memphis: OK......well, we'll be there in just a minute.

Caller: All right. I'm out here by the street. I'm under the street light. I can look straight across the street and see Gateway Tire. Memphis: OK. We're on the way. We'll be there in a minute.

Caller: Do you need me to stay on the phone with you?

Memphis: No.

Caller: OK.

Memphis: Just watch for us.

Caller: I'm watching it.

Memphis: All right.

Caller: Bye.

Memphis: Bye.


Memphis: Fire Department. What's the address of the emergency?

Caller: It's 108 Whitten Road.

Memphis: OK, ma'am we're got an ambulance on the way...

Caller(interrupts): Where is it?

Memphis:(continues) going have to be the ones to come. OK?

Caller: OK.

Memphis: Is he still breathing?

Caller: No.

Memphis: Are you still doing CPR on him?

Caller: Yes, ma'am, we are.

Memphis: Keep the CPR up. They'll be there in just a minute.

Caller: Thank you.


Memphis: Fire Department.

Caller: Yes, ma'am. I need an ambulance at 2686 Kirby Whitten Road.

Memphis: Somebody's had a seizure?

Caller: A seizure or a heart attack. We don't know which. He's down. And it's been 10, 15 minutes now since we called the first time.

Memphis: Hold on one second. Sir…please inform me if you're on Mt. Moriah or Kirby Whitten? We're trying to find you.

Caller: We're on Kirby-Whitten Road.

Memphis: (talking to someone else) He's on Kirby Whitten is what he's saying.

Caller: 2686 Kirby-Whitten Road.

Memphis: The only Billiard Club we find is on Mt. Moriah.

Caller: That Billiard Club moved!

Memphis: OK. It's moved. It's the same place, but you're in a different location. 2686 Kirby-Whitten.

Caller: Kirby-Whitten...... Suite 108.

Memphis: OK.

Caller: Please get 'em here in a hurry. This man's dying..... I'm afraid.

Memphis: OK. We're on the way.

Caller: Thank you.

Memphis: Uh-huh. Bye.


Memphis: Fire Department. What's the location of the emergency?

Caller: I'm still over here off Whitten Road and I ain't seen no ambulance, no nothing.

Memphis: Sir, are you in the City of Memphis, or are you in Bartlett?

Caller: I don't know. No. We're not in Bartlett. We're in the City of Memphis. If Bartlett..

Memphis: Do you have....Look, we're trying to get you some help, but right now I'm showing you're in Bartlett. Give me an address.

Caller: I don't care. Get an ambulance out here. THIS DUDE'S FIXIN' TO DIE.

Memphis: Sir. Sir! I am trying to help you. I need an address.

Caller: It's 108 Whitten Road. 108 Whitten Road. For the fourth time.

Memphis: OK. that's not a good address.

Caller: It is a good address. I'm looking at the building. It's 1010, 108. It's in The Family Dollar Shopping Center.

Memphis: Let me transfer you to Bartlett Fire, sir.

Caller: Oh, no now we've got to go through this shit…


Bartlett: Bartlett (unintelligible).

Caller: Yes. Would you please get an ambulance to The Billiard Club on Whitten Road. It's 108. It's 108 Whitten Road.

Bartlett: (unintelligible)

Caller: It don't matter. Somebody get an ambulance out here. It don't matter who it is. The guy's dying.

Bartlett: I'm transferring to Memphis.

Memphis: Ma'am, Bartlett!

Bartlett: It's not ours.

Caller: Somebody get an ambulance out here. It don't matter. Send an ambulance.

Memphis: OK. Sir, give me the name of the business you're in front of.

Caller: I'm standing right in front of The Billiard Club.

Memphis: What club?

Caller: Somebody get an ambulance out here.

Memphis: What's the name of the club, sir?

Caller: The Billiard Club. It's in the Family Dollar Shopping Center. It's straight across the street from Gateway Tire. I'm looking at Summer Avenue...


MPD 911: 911. Police, Fire, Ambulance?

Memphis Fire: Hey! Police Department.

MPD: This is police.

Memphis Fire: This is Fire Department. We're on the line with him. We're trying to get a good address from him. He got somebody in cardiac arrest and he's giving us an address that shows to be in Bartlett.

Caller: It don't matter whose address, somebody…

MPD: What's the address?

Memphis Fire: Sir, we can't send anybody outside of Memphis.

MPD: 108 Whitten?

Caller: Yes

MPD: You said 1-0-8 sir?

Caller: 1-ZERO-8, 1-ZERO-10. I'm in the Family Dollar Shopping Center. I'm straight across the street from Gateway Tire. I can see the Shell Station at the corner of Summer and Whitten Road. I'm standing right… MPD: It's right on the borderline, Fire. We normally handle those.

Caller: It don't matter. Somebody please! This guy is fixing to die. We're been on the phone for 20 minutes trying to get an ambulance. Hello?

Memphis Fire: I'm here.

Caller: Do we have an ambulance coming or what? Man.... this guy's going to die.

MPD: Fire, yeah its right on the line fire, we normally handle those, though.

Caller: Would somebody please get here?

Memphis Fire: OK. What address you got, police?

MPD: Oh. I put in 1010 Whitten Road. It's right there.

Memphis Fire: That's a lot better. We're not getting an address that's why…

MPD: Oh. Okay. I put in 1010 Whitten Road.

Memphis Fire: We'll get somebody out there.

Caller: I told you 110 and 108 too.

Memphis Fire: You said 110 not 1010, but we've got somebody on the way.

Caller: Yeah after 25 minutes.

Memphis Fire: I understand, and they're on the way.

Caller: Yeah. I hope you rest at night.

Memphis Fire: I will.


Memphis Fire: Truck 10, Unit 29, respond to 9 echo 1 party in cardiac arrest at 1010 Whitten Road at Skyler Mills Avenue. Truck 10, Unit 29 respond to 9 echo 1 in cardiac arrest, 1010 Whitten Road at Skyler Mills Avenue, near The Billiard Club….Timeout 2119. (unintelligible)

Memphis: Fire department. What's the address of the emergency?

Caller: Well, we're at The Billiards Club on Whitten Road. and… (arguing in the background) I've already been through this. It's not Memphis, it's Bartlett.

Caller: No it's not. We're in Memphis! (background yelling Bartlett!)

Caller: We're in Memphis.

Man in background: Bartlett!

Memphis: OK, Ma'am.

Caller: Yes. I have somebody arguing with me. But you know I don't give a shit where we're at I want somebody…

Memphis: Ma'am.

Caller: …that's, we're watching…

Memphis: Ma'am. Would you please. If we could get one person to just calm down and cooperate. We got the county, Bartlett and Memphis trying to get to you guys, but you all are going to have to give us where it is. What is the name of the business?

Caller: The name of the business is, it's not Bartlett, it's Billiards Club on Whitten Road.

Memphis: The name of it Billiard's Club?

Caller: Billiards Club on Whitten Road. It used to be on Mt. Moriah.

Memphis: That's fine. I don't need to know that ma'am. That's fine, Whitten Road. Is it Kirby-Whitten or Whitten?

Caller: It's Whitten Road.

Memphis: O.K. Give me some numbers on Whitten.

Caller: Well. It's just uh.

Memphis: No. I need an address, please.

Caller: Uh

Memphis: OK. Give me Whitten and what? Whitten and what!!

Caller: Uh.. well

Memphis: Look on some paper or…

Caller:(to someone in the room) Hey, Rick! Rick … (to 911 operator) 2686 Whitten.

Memphis: 2686 Whitten. Is that it? Is it Kirby-Whitten or Whitten?

Caller: It's Whitten.

Memphis: O.K. 2686 Whitten.

Caller: It's Kirby-Whitten or Whitten.

Memphis: You all have to know where you are ma'am. That's all we need.

Caller: Well, that's what I'm just saying, I mean …

Memphis: 2686 Whitten. I got it.

Caller: Well…

Memphis: We're on the way ma'am.

Caller: uh....I mean …

Memphis: We're on the way. What are they doing at this moment?

Caller: They are doing CPR on him, but he's probably gone.


Memphis: OK, ma'am listen. We do have help on the way.

Caller: I know but it's very frustrating when we've been sitting here for 30 minutes…

Memphis: I understand ma'am but listen it's frustrating to us when we've got to (unintelligible) …...

Caller: I know. I know you're talking to a lot of other people…(unintelligible)

Memphis: And we've gotten several addresses, and we are very sorry.... ma'am. But we have help on the way. We got the correct address at this time.

Caller: Now are we in Memphis, or are we in Bartlett?

Memphis: Well, no ma'am, if it's 2686 Whitten, it will be us. We are on the way. Memphis is on the way. OK?

Caller: All right.

Memphis: All right. We'll be there as soon as we can. You all continue with CPR. OK?