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Girl Scouts get second chance after cookie proceeds stolen

CARY IL (NBC) - An Illinois Girl Scout troop learned some valuable lessons after money they had raised was stolen and members of the community came together to help.

Girl Scout troop 1347 in Carey, IL, sold nearly 80 boxes of cookies outside a Walgreens, raising $417. But when they started to pack up, their money was gone.

"We had a tin for donations for cookies for the troops, and we put that in one box. After we got everything into the car, we looked into the box and the money envelope was gone," said troop leader Cindy McDonnell.

"We couldn't find it anywhere. We checked everywhere," said Samantha Wageman, a girl scout."It was nowhere so it could only have been stolen."

The troop called the police, who checked the store's surveillance tapes. It turned up nothing because the cameras did not point outside where the troop was selling cookies.

"I was really upset that someone would do that to someone who hasn't done anything and has actually helped the community," said Girl Scout Nina Royales.

But once the story hit the newspaper, a local radio station gave the Girl Scout troop a second chance to sell the rest of their cookies at the same Walgreens on Monday. The publicity not only helped them get back all the money they lost, but more, which they plan to send to the Girl Scouts of Japan.

"People came and bought our cookies and gave donation after donation. It was just overwhelming," Cindy said.

Since Troop 1347 earned back all the money that was taken, they are asking anyone else who wants to help to please donate the money to Girl Scout troops in Japan. You can check out to find out how.

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