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New law would make it impossible to renew tags with unpaid parking ticket

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The Memphis City Clerk's office said Wednesday that thousands of drivers are not paying their parking tickets, and there is a new plan to collect $2 million in uncollected parking fees.

Memphis Police Association president J.D. Sewell is behind a new state bill that would make it impossible to renew a car tag with an unpaid parking ticket 60 days past due.

State Senator Brian Kelsey sponsored the idea in Nashville.

"Hopefully this will encourage them to go ahead and pay those tickets," said Kelsey.

Kelsey admitted the bill might be a long shot. The city court clerk's office collects parking tickets and the county clerk's office renews tags. Both offices must first create a computerized parking ticket database to communicate.

Sewell said he is hopeful it will happen.

"Not only will we collect more of the parking tickets that are out there that the officers might be a little more motivated and start enforcing the law," he said.

Currently, unpaid parking tickets simply go away after a year.

If passed, the law goes into effect July 1. Kelsey said there will not be any action on the bill until city and county figure out the communication issue.

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