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Mother of slain security guard says she finally has closure

More than a year after Southland Mall security guard Marques Rainey was shot and killed, his family has closure.

Surveillance video shown in court shows how crowded Southland Mall was that February afternoon.  Rainey's mother Margie Brownlee said Saturday that she felt she needed to see the video.

The video shows 21-year-old Terrell Loverson shooting and killing Rainey.  Rainey was a husband, a father and a Marine of four years.

Brownlee saw the video for the first time Thursday during the trial.

"I wanted to see for myself," said Brownlee.  "It was hard, but I just wanted to see for myself his last time here on earth."

The video shows chaos erupt outside the doors of a candy store.  Rainey attempted to break up a gang fight.

"He was doing his job," said Brownlee.

Rainey pinned Loverson against a mall display.  Witnesses said Rainey then let Loverson go.

Loverson then headed for a mall exit, but before he leaves, Loverson fired a single shot that hit Rainey in the chest.

"He had the choice, and the chance to leave," said Brownlee.  "But he didn't."

For that, Brownlee said she felt Loverson deserved to be convicted of first degree murder.

"While he was sitting in court, he had no remorse," she said.

Loverson's lawyers argued that the murder was not premeditated, which is a requirement of first degree murder.  Jurors convicted Loverson of second degree murder Friday.

"I was kind of disappointed at first," said Brownlee.  "But then I thought about it, and prayed about it, and told myself ... I'm just grateful and thankful he didn't get a lesser charge."

Brownlee said a day does not go by when she does not think about her son.

Loverson faces a sentence of 15 to 25 years in prison with no parole.  A judge will sentence him next month.

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