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Ask Andy: Tax time

Each tax season, thousands of people fall victim to scam artists who are only after your personal information.

According to the Better Business Bureau, tax time is the perfect time for scam artists.

"It's a big time for phishing scams," said Carmen Million with the Better Business Bureau.  "And this is where people receive calls or they receive e-mails that they're being told is from the IRS and they are requesting personal information."

The phishing scam does not just lend itself to tax season.

"It picks up this time of year, but it's a scam that goes on year-round," said Million.

Some scammers might claim to be from the IRS and ask for personal information.  The IRS said it will never ask for that information.

"Not only do they not have time to call consumers, that's just not the way they handle their business," said Million.

When looking for a tax preparer, the Better Business Bureau said you should do your homework.

"You're going to give this person or this preparer your personal financial information, your Social Security number, so you want to make sure you investigate them," said Million.

The IRS wants you to report tax scams and scammers.  Click here to do that and find helpful information on filing your taxes as the deadline approaches.

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