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Truck drivers affected by diesel prices

Filling up your gas tank gets a little more painful each day as gas prices continue to rise, but for many truck drivers, the pain is unbearable.

"I think the fuel prices are really kind of insane," said trucker Mike Wilson.

In Campo, CA, diesel gas prices are starting at $4.39 a gallon, and its getting tough for drivers to survive, and many are owner-operators and pay for gas themselves.

"Sometimes we don't get a pay check because we have to pay for fuel," said Cindy Robertson. "It's pretty bad."

With prices rising, many drivers are forced to stay on the road longer, away from their family.

"It's just getting incredibly difficult to make profit out here anymore to where I can provide a better life for my wife and my children," Wilson said.

Not only is it a problem for the drivers, it's a problem for consumers. Trucks are delivering items people need, such as food to grocery stores across the country.

Robertson said she does not know how much longer she can handle these prices.

Robertson also points out another potential problem, if more drivers go out of business, there will be fewer trucks on the road and fewer people to deliver goods.

"If trucks quit running, everybody quits getting things that they need," Robertson said.

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