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Sanctuary wall of Midtown church demolished

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A wrecking ball knocked down a sanctuary wall of the historic Union Avenue United Methodist Church Tuesday.

June West and other members of Memphis Heritage spent the past several years fighting to save the historic church, which is being demolished to make room for a CVS Pharmacy.

"Very sad situation," said West.

The drugstore chain bout the property from a dwindling congregation.  The fight to keep the church involved lawsuits and protest rallies, but it in the end it was not enough.

There are now huge piles of rubble where the church used to stand.  Meanwhile, the people who fought to keep the church from being torn down are still fighting CVS Pharmacy.

"It's a lost cause now," said protester Gordon Alexander.  "But we want to make sure people think long and hard before they shop here."

Photographer Matt Ducklo has been taking pictures of the building's final days in hopes of preserving the memory of one of Memphis' oldest places of worship.

"A few final shots before the (expletive) at CVS tear down and put up a disposable piece of architecture," said Ducklo.

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