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2 Texas men in the "cooler" after major I-40 "crystal ice" bust

(WMC-TV) - Enough "crystal ice" meth was seized along I-40 this week to get all 30,000 residents of St. Francis County, Arkansas extremely high, according to Sheriff Bobby May.

"About $300,000 worth," said May.  "That's a lot," he added.

The more potent form of meth was inside a minivan traveling I-40 through Forrest City.

"The reason it's called ice is because it looks like ice cubes, or chipped up ice," said May.

The sheriff said Jesus Flores and Samuel Perez of Pasadena, Texas claimed they were doing roofing work in Memphis and had nothing to hide after their van was pulled over for having a busted windshield.

Deputies said the only thing the men had in the backseat was a backpack.  The meth was wrapped in a plastic Walmart bag.

"When I opened it up I knew what it was," said deputy Christopher Reynolds.

He and deputy Eugene Watlington made the arrests and are both on the sheriff's interstate interdiction team.

"I've never seen that much before," said Reynolds.

In addition to the "crystal ice," deputies seized $3,500 in cash.

Both suspects were charged with possession with intent to deliver before being turned over to the DEA.

"This is a large amount," said Sheriff May.  "It's coming out of Mexico.  So, I assume they'll be taking their investigation further."

Meanwhile, local deputies remain on lookout for the next big bust.

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