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New memoir reveals secrets from PGA Tour golfer's ex-wife

(WMC-TV) - A new memoir penned by the ex-wife of pro golfer John Daly is making waves among golf wives across the nation.

"I hate golf," said Sherrie Daily.

These might be the last words you would expect Sherrie Daly, the fourth ex-wife of PGA superstar John Daly, to utter.  But they are the first words she uses to begin her new memoir, "Teed Off:  My Life as a Player's Wife on the PGA Tour."

"There are so many girls that chase everybody around. 'I want to be married to a basketball player, I want to be married to this'," said Sherrie Daly.  "You really don't."

Her 207-page tell-all is set for release Tuesday.  By page five, she takes readers to a charity golf event where she describes the last thing she expected to see in the golf world:  two naked women prancing on the greens.

"Not that strippers' money is not good. I just wasn't prepared mentally for strippers on the golf course at a charity event with me eight months pregnant," said Sherrie Daly.

Daly writes, "I thought I was marrying into a world of neatly pressed collared shirts when I married in the PGA; more like a world of dirty laundry."

"I thought I needed to be all prim and proper, but then I found out that this one used to be a stripper," she said.  "Well, this one used to do this. Or this is the fifth wife or this is the third wife."

The book includes an eight-page photo album of her life of private plane rides, 20-karat diamonds, and the company of two sitting president.  But Sherrie Daly said it all came with a price.

"There was the John, the J.D. and the Johnny," she said.  "When the J.D. came out, I knew it wasn't the person I married."

Page 163 reads, "...he held onto my hair and beat my head on the bus walls."

"John wasn't like beating me all the time, and I wasn't beating him up either," said Sherrie Daly.  "I punched him out once."

Despite the fight, and the fact that some of them became, Sherrie and John Daly never pressed charges against one another.  Sherrie Daly said she had a comfortable life before marrying the pro golfer in 2001.

"I did have everything paid for," she said.  "I'd driven Mercedes, I'd driven Escalades.  I had a nice life, nice friends.  I wasn't exactly slumming."

She said she loved John Daly and life was not all bad before their 2010 divorce.  The book details one long plane ride the couple shared with Bill Clinton when the sitting president explained the stem cell debate to her.

"I'm a Baptist.  I thought it was from the devil or something," said Sherrie Daly.  "And so he explained it and by the time he got done explaining it, I was all for it."

There's even a chapter called "The Secret at the 16th Hole."

"There were a couple of girls that worked out there, cart girls who sold drinks and snacks to the members," she said, "and they did some favors on the side."

But Sherrie Daly said that was a decade ago.

"I love the girls there now and that is not at every golf course," said Sherrie Daly.  "That was just my personal experience."

The book also reveals what she said really happened when she went to prison on a money laundering conviction.  Sherrie Daly said she did not know she was doing anything wrong.

"I'm like, 'God must have put me here.' I just had a lot of time to think and what I was putting myself through," she said.  "And after two weeks there, I was very homesick and missed my kids, but then I thought, 'you know this is sad, but it's kind of peaceful here'."

Sherrie Daly said she wrote the book for two reasons.  The first was to clear her name for the day her ex-husband accused her of stabbing him and then hit the golf course with marks on his face.

"That's a little over the top," she said.  "I did not stab John Daly."

Mostly, she said she wrote the book so her children could find peace.

"I want my kids to have friends and I want people to be able to let their kids come to my house and think she's a good mother," she said.  "Basically, overall it's the whole thing about what kind of mother I am."

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