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Hearing set for Ole Miss cheerleader charged with assault

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(WMC-TV) - A hearing date is now set for an Ole Miss cheerleader accused of brutally attacking another student.

"Look at that field," said Taylor Hashman, a former Ole Miss Baseball stand-out, as he pointed at Ole Miss' Swayze Field.  He said the diamond is one of his favorite places to be.

"Baseball means everything to me," said Hashman.  "I mean, its every boy's dream to play in the big leagues."

However, his chance to ever play pro ball was almost taken away.  In August of last year, Oxford Police said Hashman was punched in the face by Ole Miss cheerleader Johnny Beasley.

"I was instantly knocked out," said Hashman. "My jaw was broken and I slammed my head on the concrete when I fell back."

Hashman was airlifted to the MED in Memphis, where he suffered from a swollen brain and partial paralyzation.

"I ended up having two strokes, which complicated my entire right side," he added.

A Lafayette County grand jury heard Hashman's case, but the jury was only able to get 10 of 12 votes needed to charge Beasley with a felony assault.

Eight months later, Beasley was arrested on a simple assault charge filed by Hashman.  He bailed out on a $500 bond.  Don Hashman said a simple assault charge is not relative to the severity of his son's injuries.

"The eyewitness saw my son with his hands at his side when he was struck and my son had not made an attempt to raise his hands nor to swing, anything of that fashion and he ends up the way that he is," said Don Hashman.

Beasley's attorney, Steve Farese, said this is an unfortunate event but does not believe what Beasley did was criminal.  It is a situation that has left a father frustrated for his son.

"You know, where is the justice in this world?" Hashman asked. "That's the thing."

The baseball standout said he hopes to get back to 100 percent so he can try out for an independent baseball league. Beasley is due in court on April 20.

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