Explorer Prep Program needs recruits

The future crime trackers of Memphis can now get a head start on their law enforcement careers. Police are looking for 25 more Memphis high school students who want to have a job right after graduation, while the city picks up the tab for college tuition and books. The youngsters get a front row seat on the cutting edge of policing.

Police dispatchers provide a vital link between you and emergency help. Teenagers from the Police Explorer Prep Program put on head-sets to hear live police radio chatter. The Explorer Prep Program gives Youngsters first-hand training like how police dispatchers use their eyes and ears to keep all of us safe.

High school students who complete this program that includes communications, driving, shooting and more can become public service technicians or P-S-Ts upon graduation. Quantral Fletcher, Explorer Prep Program said, "There are many people I know that would be interested in doing this. Especially since it pays for your education." Maquitta Wilkins, Explorer Prep Program said, "I think if more people knew about it, they would be involved because it pays for your education. Some people, their families are not able to meet the financial responsibilities of going to college, and so it would be an opportunity for them." As long as they maintain a C-average and carry at least 12 hours of college courses, the city pays for tuition and books.

You can go to any Memphis high school guidance counselor for more information about the Memphis Police Explorer Prep program, or you can call this number: 528-3038. The young people meet on either Tuesday or Thursday nights for training at the Central Precinct and other locations.